Bridal Mehendi packages

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~ Mehendi Packages ~~~~~~~~~~ 
  • Both Hand up to Elbow with Full Design (One Side): 2000 taka
  • Bridal Gorgeous Designs on Both Hand Both Sides up to Elbow: 3500 taka
  • Bridal Mehndi with Extremely Gorgeous Designs on Both hand, Both side (up to Elbow) and Both feet covering (up to Ankle) : 4000 taka
  • One hand up to Wrist (One side): 300 taka Both hand up to Wrist (One side)/One hand up to Wrist(Both side): 500 Taka Both Hand up to wrist (Both side): 1000 taka
  • One hand up to halfway (One side): 600 taka Both hand up to Halfway(One side)/One hand up to Halfway(Both side): 1200 Taka Both Hand up to wrist (Both side) {Semi Bridal}: 2000 taka

  • FEET:
  • One Feet String (up to ankle): 180 taka Both Feet String (up to ankle): 400 taka Covering whole feet with Gorgeous design up to ankle (both feet): 800 taka Both feet in a 360 degree up to HALFWAY: 1200*tk Both feet in a 360 degree up to KNEE : 2000*tk
  • !!!!!!!PER STRING(Strings/Tattoo on Hand, Leg,Neck/Back Neck) BDT 180!!!!!!!!!!

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